In 1987 Mr. Lawrence Mercer started this company and called it The Wood Joint. At first we produced only door boxes for local building supply stores. Later Mr. Mercer picked up on a growing demand for colonial style mouldings and began supplying stores with the simplest of mouldings, 1/4 round. Gradually as demand for mouldings increased, additional machinery was required and the focus of the company shifted away from door boxes.

Today the company, now called Woodjoint Manufacturing Incorporated, offers a full line of solid hardwood mouldings, Stair Treads, Hardwood flooring trims, and D4S square stock, to Building supply stores and cabinet shops all across the island and into the maritimes. The one thing that remained constant throughout the years was our commitment to quality. From day one we have made the high quality of our products our number one objective and we have held steadfast to that. We are proud to supply Newfoundland with the highest quality mouldings and stair treads available in the province.

Woodjoint guarantees the quality of its products. you will not find our mouldings with sightly knots, splits, or mineral stains. We believe that quality products make quality homes.